How to search in Microsoft Outlook

How to search in Microsoft Outlook, search options, search tools, and online archives.

ProSeries 2022 – Error loading ProPrdList22.ini and ProPrdList22.bin

ProSeries 2022 Error - ProPrdList22.ini ProPrdList22.bin - Failed CRC Check

After a new ProSeries update, our client received today on their ProSeries 2022 software, all the workstations and servers started receiving the following error message: Error loading C:\ProWin22\32bit\ProPrdList22.ini: Failed CRC check. CRC of C:\ProWin22\32bit\ProPrdList22.INI contents does not match… Read More

Scanner works after rebooting the computer; stops working after waking from sleep mode

HP Scan - Scanner communication cannot be established

A new issue with Windows 11 has been found that causes issues with USB scanners to become unresponsive after the computer/host goes to sleep. TCSP came across of this issue with a client using a HP scanner that… Read More

TCSP Notice – Working from home (Coronavirus – COVID-19)

Due to the measures multiple cities and states are enforcing to control the spread of the Coronavirus, many businesses are looking for options to work remotely (from home). In this notice, we will explain: TCSP’s plan for the… Read More

Working Remotely: Troubleshooting your Internet speed

Quick tutorial on how to troubleshoot your Internet at home while working remotely. We will look into a basic home setup, check our Internet speed, identify the modem and router, and how to restart those devices. Longer Video… Read More

Know Your Enemy: Common Cybercrimes and How to Avoid Them

Hacker - Malware - Know Your Enemy - Cybercrimes

It is an unfortunate fact that as computer technology evolves, so do threats to user privacy and security. Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly developing new methods to infiltrate computer systems in order to steal data, sabotage businesses, or… Read More

How to assist your team while working from home using Microsoft Teams

Share your screen To efficiently share and coordinate information and tasks, it is recommended that you take advantage of the Screen Share and Remote Control features of Microsoft Teams. Click the New Chat button to create a chat with… Read More

Is Zoom free? Where can I download Zoom?

A basic Zoom account can be created for Free at The Zoom application can be downloaded once you create an account at To Download the Zoom Meetings Application, Follow These Steps: Locate the Zoom Client for… Read More

How to mute and unmute yourself in Zoom.

While in a Zoom meeting hit the Microphone Button in the bottom left of the window to mute your audio. If the Microphone Button has a red slash through it, you are muted, and no one in the… Read More

How to mute someone in a Zoom meeting

To Mute Users in a Zoom Meeting, Follow These Steps: Select Manage Participants in the bottom of the window. Select Mute on the participant you wish to mute. If the user has a red microphone with a slash… Read More

Do I need a password for my Zoom meeting? How do I add a password?

Adding a password when creating a Zoom meeting creates a necessary layer of security around your meeting. With it, only people that have the meeting ID and password can join, and without it, anybody can join. To add… Read More

How to share your screen in a Zoom meeting

To share your screen with other participants in a Zoom meeting: Select Share Screen at the bottom of the page(Note: If meeting participants are unable to share, screen sharing must be enabled. Follow our guide on how to… Read More

How to assist your team while working from home in a Zoom meeting

To efficiently share and coordinate information and tasks, it is recommended that you take advantage of the Screen Share and Remote Control features of Zoom. To Screen Share while in a Zoom meeting: Once in your meeting, select… Read More

How to join a Zoom meeting without a webcam or microphone

If you want to join a Zoom meeting, but do not have a webcam or microphone for your computer, you can download the Zoom Mobile App and use your phone as a microphone/webcam. Alternatively, you can dial into… Read More

How to create a scheduled meeting in Zoom

If you are planning on having a Zoom meeting at a later date, it is recommended to utilize the Schedule meeting feature. This option will allow you to create a well formatted calendar invite that can be sent… Read More

How to enable screen sharing in a Zoom meeting

When sharing your screen in a Zoom meeting, it is possible to allow other members of the meeting to share their screen.  Additionally, you can allow screen share for multiple screens/members. To Allow Screen Sharing: Click the arrow… Read More

How to schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Open the Calendar tab on the left side of the screen. Click the + New Meeting button at the top of the screen to create a new scheduled meeting. Enter the details of the meeting you would like… Read More

Is Microsoft Teams free? How do I download Microsoft Teams for free?

Microsoft Teams offers both a paid and a free version, although the free version has a few limitations. The paid version of Microsoft Teams: Allows you to schedule meetings, phone calls and audio conferencing. Offers unlimited users from… Read More

Does my version of Microsoft 365 include Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has 2 versions available, Free and Paid. The difference between the two are the features available. For example, the free version allows internal chat and audio/video calls (one-on-ones and groups). However, with the free version, it… Read More

How to mute and unmute yourself in a Microsoft Teams meeting

To mute yourself in a Microsoft Teams Meeting, click on the Microphone Icon while in the Meeting screen. To unmute yourself, click on the Microphone Icon again (make sure there is not a slash through the microphone) (NOTE:… Read More